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    How to Save Time & Money with  SRL Home Collection

    Usually, people only visit the doctor when they believe that they have any kind of problem but sometimes waiting until the problem becomes obvious can worsen to a point beyond any treatment. With this emerging need, the diagnostic industry should awaken to the reality that there is a new market beginning for health tests at […]

    SRL Home Collection is one of best pathology Lab Service

    As people began to take charge of their health, they don’t even see longer themselves as a patient but as a consumer so they can manage their well-being and modify their lifestyles accordingly. But the idea of waiting in a long queue for hours to hours, in any diagnostic lab facility for any kind of […]

    Why SRL Home Collection Services

    The SRL Collection Centre facilitates the provision of cost-effective, timely, high-quality diagnostic care in a safe and secure environment. It also includes the clinical services of laboratory medicine and pathology medicine, radiology, and nuclear medicine. These services functions in the setting of ambulatory care, mental health, rehabilitative care, and acute care also. For facility-based diagnostic services employees […]

    Home Collection Desk
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