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    The SRL Collection Centre facilitates the provision of cost-effective, timely, high-quality diagnostic care in a safe and secure environment. It also includes the clinical services of laboratory medicine and pathology medicine, radiology, and nuclear medicine. These services functions in the setting of ambulatory care, mental health, rehabilitative care, and acute care also. For facility-based diagnostic services employees include staff technicians, physicians, technologists, nurses, administrators, as well as the assistance of program and analyst.

    Combining all these diagnostic services and employees into any interdisciplinary group, facilitates the sharing of knowledge and also permits the uniformity of practices and policies. The service provides advice and councils to an array of stakeholders that includes headquarters, and medical centers via the dissemination of trends in any nuclear services from volume and type of studies perform, monitoring quality benchmarks including the results of proficiency program. SRL Lab Delhi center also accomplishes its mission through the official utilization of resources of the organization and in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare services, various accrediting organizations, and other external agencies. It also recommends varied educational opportunities for diagnostic service employees at all levels.

    It also identifies the areas of research that address the needs of veteran patients, also collaborates with other agencies to provide backup diagnostic services in times of crisis or any kind of disaster. The goal of SRL is to generate the best possible reproducible quality image at the minimal radiation dose necessary to give adequate image information.

    Over half a century has gone by, and innovations and diagnostics transform the practice of medicine in Western countries. Advancements in the technology of SRL pathology lab have further enabled the development of new generations of a diagnostic tests. These technologies also have revolutionized healthcare, guiding timely medical intervention. Diagnosis helps in finding out if the patient suffering from any specific condition.

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